Our City

The city of Montichiari

22,000 inhabitants, is located 20 km from Brescia, on the road to Mantua, which is 47 Km

Extension of its territory:
81.192 sq km, is the largest municipality in the plain of Brescia.
Altitude: 103 m above sea level (Piazza Santa Maria).
The inhabitants are called monteclarensi.
The patronal feast of St. Pancras takes place May 12.
The River Chiese through the municipality with the trend north-south.
Neighbours: Calcinato, Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN), Carpenedolo, Calvisano, Ghedi, Castenedolo.
The name of the country, whose etymology is very uncertain, underwent the following changes: Montisclaris (XII); Monteclaro (XIII), Montechiaro (XVI).
In 1862 the name was added Montechiaro "the Chiese" in 1877 and eventually became the present Montichiari.
The Italian president Francesco Cossiga, on December 27, 1991, ruled that the City of Montichiari boasts the title of City.


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